Hose Protector Sidewalk Ramp

Rent our aluminum sidewalk ramps

Although SMC uses these when dewatering, or pumping out temporarily for our own projects, we also rent out our sidwalk ramps.

Contact us at 561-689-8848 to rent a sidewalk ramp

Benifits of a sidewalk ramp

  • Pedestrian Safey
  • Permits are more likely to be approved
  • OSHA approved specs
  • Hoses are protected
  • Works for hoses and cables
hose protector sidewalk ramp

Image above shows an installed sidewalk ramp that enables a hose to be run underneath the ramp

sidewalk ramp to allow hose to cross sidewalk

Specifications of our sidewalk ramps

  • Total length 15 feet -
  • The ramp bridge is 7 inches tall (12 inches wide), designed to accommodate a 6 inch hose.
  • The middle bridge section is 12 inches wide, and the 2 sloping sections are 7 feet long
  • ADA Wheelchair regulation compliance
    • 4 feet wide (ADA compliance is 3 feet)
    • The slope is 1:12 which is ADA compliant
    • There are 4 inch curbs on each side of the ramp (ADA compliant is 2 inches)
    • The ramps have a grip surface applied and caution strip
  • Conveniently Transportable on a trailer. Breaks down in to three pieces, 2-4 men can lift the 3 section.

Miscellaneous information regarding sidewalk ramps

  • You need a permit in most cities in South Florida to close a sidewalk. You can avoid that by using a sidewalk ramp.
  • You will still probably need a permit to discharge water into a storm drain even if you use a sidewalk ramp
  • Most well point pumps use 6" hoses or less
  • Construction site hose ramps can also be used for temporary events to cross power cables (making it a cable protector ramp)
  • Other names for sidewalk ramps
    • bridge ramp
    • hose bridge ramp
    • cable protector ramp
    • pedestrian hose ramp
  • The sidewalk ramp does not only help wheelchair users, it avoids trip and fall incidents with the public. It's all about pedestrian safety.
  • Others have used wooden ramps, these are much sturdier aluminum
  • We may be adding a narrower 3 foot version in the near future
hose bridge ramp pump and cable ramp