Excavation Palm Beach Florida

excavation palm beach

SMC Contracting are equiped for excavation for various purposes. The town of Palm Beach is our stomping ground, however we work in greater West Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties.

We have excavators of all sizes , from small diggers that are able to fit in to small areas all the way up to very large excavators

We also have the loaders/bobcats and dump trucks. So whether you want to haul out fill, or stockpile fill on site, we have you covered.

Excavation of pools, footings, retention ponds, trenches, exploratory, pipe , rock, etc...

Footing Excavation

Whether you are digging for new foundations, or exposing or demolishing we can assist with footing excavations. Excavated according to specified grade levels per plans, and compacted according to local code.

Pipe Excavation

Pipe install excavation, or pipe location excavation. Our most common form of excavation is for various pipe applications. Excavating for drainage such as area drains, waste water drains to city sewers, septic drainage, downspout drainage excavations.
We have various pipe cameras to inspect and tools to locate underground utilities, or we can excavate or perform a soft dig.

Septic Excavation

Excavating to Remove old or install new septic systems.

Pool Excavation or removal

Excavating for new pool, or removing old pools.

Footing Excavation

Large or small scale retention pond excavation

Rock Excavation

Rock excavating and removal

Basement Excavation

basement excavation palm beach