Excavation Palm Beach Florida

excavation palm beach

SMC Contracting are equiped for excavation for various purposes. The town of Palm Beach is our stomping ground, however we work in greater West Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties.

We have excavators of all sizes , from small diggers that are able to fit in to small areas all the way up to very large excavators

We also have the loaders/bobcats and dump trucks. So whether you want to haul out fill, or stockpile fill on site, we have you covered.

Excavation of pools, footings, retention ponds, trenches, exploratory, pipe , rock, etc...

Pipe Excavation

Pipe install excavation, or pipe location excavation. Our most common form of excavation is for various pipe applications. Excavating for drainage such as area drains, waste water drains to city sewers, septic drainage, downspout drainage excavations.
We have various pipe cameras to inspect and tools to locate underground utilities, or we can excavate or perform a soft dig.

Septic Excavation

Excavating to Remove old or install new septic systems. SMC's septic excavation, ensures precise digging for septic tank and drain field installation . We are certified to install standard gravity or high performance septic systems. We use high grade septic sand and washed number four rock for backfilling.

septic excavation new tanks palm beach
Excavation for new septic tanks installed.
pool excavation drain field palm beach
Excavating a new septic drainfield ready to be backfilled.

Pool Excavation or removal

pool excavation palm beach

Excavating for new pool, or removing old pools.

Footing & Grade Beam Excavation

Footing excavation is a critical phase in construction, involving precise removal of earth to create a stable base for footings. This process requires technical expertise to navigate soil types and ensure structural integrity. Our approach includes soil stabilization compaction, and precision in digging to the exact specifications. This meticulous attention to detail in footing excavation ensures a solid foundation for buildings, guaranteeing long-term stability and safety.

grade beam excavation
Excavation for Grade Beam

Rock Excavation

hard rock excavation palm beach
hauling hard rock excavation palm beach

In parts of Palm Beach County there is what we call "Hard Rock", we have performed excavation on many hard rock sites.

Basement Excavation

Specializing in basement excavation, our sitework construction company tackles the complexities of hard rock removal, soil stabilization, and the installation of pilings with unmatched precision. Our technical expertise extends to managing fill export efficiently, ensuring a seamless excavation process. Utilizing advanced techniques, we navigate through challenging terrains, preparing the ground for robust basement foundations. Our commitment to excellence in every aspect of basement excavation guarantees the integrity and durability of your project, setting a solid foundation for construction success.

basement excavation palm beach basement excavation palm beach
Basement excavation