Silt Fence

For most counties in South Florida Site Clearing will require you to first add an erosion control plan (AKA temporary erosion sediment control) which at minimum consists of erosion rock for highly trafficked areas and a perimeter silt fence.

The purpose of silt fence is to keep the quality of the water intact as mandated by the Florida stormwater regulatory program SWPP and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection FDEP

Silt Fence Considerations

  • Inspectors will inspect the property to confirm that everything matches the erosion control plan. If you do not conform you may get a strike against the jobsite
  • The silt fence is one of the first things done on a construction site
  • Silt Fence Maintenance should be in the budget. The silt fence will need to be kept in good condition, as this may also get you a strike
  • Heavy rainfall can wash out a silt fence
  • The fence must be a minimum of 24 inches above grade when installed
silt fence installed

Silt fence installed

FDOT type 3 silt fence - 36" tall with 48" stakes

There are 2 methods of installing silt fence. The "trench" method and the "slicing" method. SMC prefers the Trench method of installing silt fence.

The trench method requires a trench to be dug, and the bottom 6 inches of mesh to be folde inwards, then backfilled.

Silt fence trench method installation

Silt Fence installation specs, showing slicing method and trench method