Piling Clean Up

All your questions answered about Auger Cast Piling Clean Up

What is a piling?

In this case we are referring to an Auger Cast Piling, which is a column of reinforced concrete in the ground to provide a solid base on which to build. Here is a link to our sister company that makes pilings Xtreme's Auger Cast Piles

an auger cast piling drilling
Xtreme's Auger machine drilling for the piling

Why do pilings need to be cleaned up?

When making a piling, after the hole is drilled, a concrete grout is pumped into the hole. In most cases there is an over pour of grout as they cannot be short. So the extra grout spills out around the top of the hole and is left to set.
The extra set grout cannot be left as they will usually tie the extended rebar into new grade beams, or other structures.

How long do you have to wait before clean up of piling debris?

Typically you would wait a at least 3 days

How is the grout removed?

Usually a jackhammer attached to an excavator is used to break up the concrete without damaging the piling. Also a skid steer mini loader is used to scoop up the broken grout and load it into trucks for haul out

What is done with the waste grout?

The grout is crushed and recycled as road base

Pilings after pouring leave excess concrete
After pilings are installed there is typically excess concrete to break up and clear away
Pilings after pouring leave excess concrete
Piling cleanup requires jack hammers and skid loaders to clean up
Pilings after cleanup has been done
Pilings after cleanup has been done, ready for grade beam forms and then pour