Fastest most reliable dumpster rental service in Palm Beach County

Our sitework customers come first

We know that it's hard to find a reliable and fast dumpster service that comes when you want them to. Although our own sitework jobs have priority for dumpster cans, we do usually have extra dumpsters that we can rent out to NON-sitework customers.

Choose the right dumpster for your project

Dumpster sizes

We have 3 sizes - 10 yard, 20 yard and 40 yard. Our 40 yard dumpsters are only for vegetation.


If there is going to be just aggregates or scalpings then you should choose a 10 yard dumpster (due to weight). Concrete, asphalt, dirty fill, heavy materials

Our 20 yard dumpster are used for trash and mixed debris. Construction debris, mixed demo, vegetation, roofing.

Our 40 yard container is only used for vegetation

Dumpster Service Palm Beach County


Most companies will charge a delivery fee and a dump fee. The dump fee will usually include a maximum weight.

For example:

  • 1: Initial delivery fee $X
  • 2: Dump and Return $X (dumpster is emptied and returned to you) with a maximum weight of 5 tons
  • 3: If it is over 5 tons you will be charged whatever the dump facility charges per ton over 5 tons
  • 4: If we have to remove the can and return at a later date we will charge another delivery fee
  • 5: We do not charge per day or per week unless you have the dumpster over 2 weeks without being emptied

Different dumpster terminology

  1. Delivery or "Drop" (of course)
  2. Dump and Return (empty the can and bring it back to you)
  3. Dump and NO Return (you are finished with the can and we take it away)
  4. Swap (drop an empty can and pick up the full can in one visit)
  5. Extended stay (extra fee every 2 weeks if no dump)
  6. Live load with dumpster can (truck waits onsite)
Dumpster Can ready to be delivered