Hoot Systems Reduced Nitrogen Sewage solutions

SMC Contracting is licensed to install and engage in maintenance contracts for Hoot Systems

In 2023 Florida passed a law (House Bill 1379) for specific areas near bodies of water. These areas require a special septic system that reduces Nitrogen.

HB 1379 Quick facts

  • Any new permits in the affected areas must install septic systems that comply with the new laws
  • The focus is to reduce nitrogen levels in the water by improving septic tanks
  • The Health Department refers to septic systems as an OSTDS - Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal System
  • There are 3 types of nitrogen reducing systems that are allowed
    1. INRBs - In-ground Nitrogen Reducing BioFilters
    2. NSF 245 certified - OSTDS-ATUS - Nitrogen Reducing Aerobic Treatment Units
    3. OSTDS-PBTS - Performance Based Treatment Systems
  • View the map of the areas included

For more information view the official fact sheet - - House Bill 1379 Fact Sheet

BMAP of the new Nitrogen Reduced Septic Areas

Our Health Department license for Septic is SA0212112 View our septic license

Hoot system FAQ

What is hoot?

Hoot is the brand name for a manufacturer of Septic Sewage Treatment Systems

Why should I use a hoot system?

You do not need to use this manufacturer, however they are a well known brand in Florida and widely used. The parts for replacement are more readily available. They also perform better than most at reducing Nitrogen

Which hoot system should I choose?

As far as Hoot systems, Hoot ANR-450 is an Aerobic Treatment Unit that reduces nitrogen 85% (among the highest percentage) and conforms to NSF Standard 245

Is Hoot the only brand?

No, other manufacturers that have certified Aerobic Treatment Units for Florida include Anua, Aquaklear, Bio-Microbics, Clearstream, Delta Treatment Systems, Fuji Clean, Norweco, Orenco