Drainage Palm Beach & Martin

Drainage is one of our 8 core sitework categories and covers many different types of drainage types

Engineers will design a drainage system that ties in roof drains, landscape drainage, surface water from hardscapes, (sometimes tidal and ground water) exfils, bubble ups, area drains, city stormwater. All element elevations are crucial for proper drainage.

Sewer and Septic Systems

Palm Beach island has both municipality sewer and septic systems, SMC is able to install and service both types of sewer systems

Storm Drain hookups

Some residences' rainwater drainage will connect in to the town or city storm drainage system, and so every residential house in a built up area will hook in to the storm drain.

Rain catchment drainage will be routed by underground pipe to the main storm drain in the street or into catchment areas on the property. This is a standard service that SMC is proficient with.

The types of rain catchment are usually from roof water, hardscape catchment, or landscape catchment.

Area Drains

Area drains are a simple way to catch any surface water, and are normally placed in low spots to drain an area

Trench Drains

driveway trench drain being installed in west palm beach

Trench drains are common drainage features in Florida as an efficient way to drain surface water from hardscaped areas such as pool decks, patios or driveways.

Trench drains may also be required by your municipality to avoid surface flooding on to streets, they accomplish this by tying the trench into the normal storm water drainage system.

Trench drains are also known as

  • channel drains
  • slot drains
  • linear drains
  • strip drains

Image above shows an installed trench drain before the final stone is installed

Down Spouts

Roofing gutters will be routed to down spouts, we can hook the down spouts into the storm drain system.


Exfil areas are the catchment areas for surface water, engineers will determine the sizes of exfil areas.