DEP Sand Palm Beach Florida

SMC can take care of your D.E.P. Sand needs for those properties that are on the beach and require the speacialty certified beach sand

Some properties that are close to waterways or the ocean may have part or all of their property across an imaginary line determined by the government. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires specific certified beach sand to be used for any sand that crosses a specific Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL).

excavation palm beach

If you want to check if your property is across this line, please go to the website to search the CCCL map

If your beachfront site requires any excavation across the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) then you will need to allow for the extra costs and certifications of using certified DEP sand as your replacement fill

DEP Sand

Beach Erosion repair

Due to wave erosion we have to sometimes bring in beach sand to replace the missing sand. In Jupiter in February of 2024 we assisted in the replacement of sand

Jupiter Beach Sand erosion

Beach Sand Erosion of a yard on a beach north of Jupiter inlet

Jupiter Beach Sand replacement

Running sand up Jupiter Beach