Drainage Camera Inspection

Maintaining unobstructed and efficient drainage flow is usually the last thing a homeowner is thinking about. From residential homes to sprawling commercial complexes, the integrity of underground pipes is vital, yet their conditions remain unseen and thus ignored. Enter the approach of drainage camera inspection, a technology that brings light to the darkest corners of our plumbing networks. This method allows for precise locating of blockages and drainage routing, effortlessly revealing the unseen problems or to prevent potential catastrophes before they occur.

Gone are the days of speculative plumbing, where the only solution to a drainage problem was extensive excavation based on educated guesses. Drainage camera inspection empowers homeowners and professionals alike to take a proactive stance towards maintenance. By inserting a high-resolution camera into the drainage system, technicians can now visually navigate through pipes, identifying issues like root infiltration that could disrupt the flow or even damage the infrastructure. This technology does not just spot immediate problems; it serves as a preemptive strike against future complications, offering insights into whether a full replacement or just a repair is necessary.

Moreover, drainage camera inspection is invaluable for exploratory inspections—whether for property evaluations, renovations, or expansions. Understanding the layout and condition of an existing drainage system can dramatically influence decision-making processes, providing a clear picture of what lies beneath our feet. This methodical approach ensures that interventions are precise, cost-effective, and most importantly, tailored to address the specific needs of the drainage system in question.

As we move forward, embracing technologies like drainage camera inspection is key to advancing our capabilities in infrastructure maintenance and problem-solving. It’s not just about fixing issues; it’s about enhancing our knowledge and control over the essential systems that keep our homes and cities running smoothly.

camera inspection truck for sitework
Our Camera Inspection Team Truck

A camera inspection is part of every one of our drainage installations

Every drainage job we do gets a camera inspection at the end of the install to make sure nothing has been damaged before we leave the jobsite.

The engineer on some jobs will require that we provide video inspection footage, as well as the as-built plans

The most common reasons for getting a drainage camera inspection

  1. Find blockages
  2. Inspect newly installed drainage
  3. Locating where drainage runs if it is unknown
  4. Exploratory before work begins

Things you may not know about Camera inspections in drainage

  • We can tell where the camera head is by using a locator device above ground. This tells us exactly where the problem is and where to dig
  • The camera cannot go around every corner. There is only so much the camera snake can bend.
  • The camera setup is expensive, usually around $15k
  • There is usually a reel odometer on the snake reel to tell you how much of the snake is out.
  • Sound is also recorded on our recordings
  • We save the video in MP4 format
  • We can give you a thumb drive, or put it online for you to download

Level 2 pipeline video inspections

If the job is too big or too complicated for our camera team, then we call in our sister company Top Dog. Top Dog has more capable camera equipment

motorized pipe camera with lateral camera
Motorized pipe camera with lateral extension camera