Construction aggregates and fill Palm Beach

SMC is a full service sitework company based in West Palm Beach Florida, we have many types of aggregates and fill in stock. See our list below.

  • Clean Fill
  • Hard pack Fill (limited supply)
  • Washed #4 rock
  • 57 Stone
  • Erosion rock
  • Crushed Concrete (Road Base)
  • Crushed Asphalt (millings)
  • Septic Sand / DEP Sand
  • Chatahoochee stone

Clean Fill AKA Number one fill

Clean fill dirt which has been screened and has no vegetation, large debris or chunks, ideal for filling in low areas or building up.

Construction clean fill Palm Beach Florida
Clean fill

Hard pack fill / Building pad fill

This fill will compact easily to a higher density than normal fill. It is composed of clays and limestone that compacts very well. It is ideal for building pads and driveway subgrade base.

Number one fill, and hard pack fill
Number one fill on the left, and our hard pack fill on the right (limited availability). Hard pack fill is used for building pads and driveways. It is not suitable for landscape areas because after compaction it is too hard.

Washed #4 Rock

1 to 2.5 inch sized rock primarily used for exfiltration areas

Construction washed number four rock Palm Beach Florida

57 stone

57 stone is about 3/4 of an inch in size Mainly used for erosion control

Construction 57 rock erosion control Palm Beach Florida

Chatahoochee Rock

Construction chatahoochee Palm Beach Florida White Chatt and Tan Chatt

Road Base & Crushed Concrete

When compacted road base is very stable. Primarily used for paths and driveways or hardscape areas.

Construction crushed concrete rock Palm Beach Florida

Crushed Asphalt - Millings

Construction crushed asphalt rock millings Palm Beach Florida

Sand & DEP Sand & Septic Sand

Construction sand Palm Beach Florida