Erosion Control

Construction Erosion Control - Temporary Sediment erosion control

SMC provides Erosion Control Services for construction projects. We will implement any Erosion Control Plan that your engineer has specified

The Town of Palm Beach requires any project that has any land disturbance to submit an Erosion Control Plan. The plan must be approved and generally it is the first thing implemented.
Your Engineer will create an erosion plan per the Florida Code of Ordinances, and for Palm beach it is at this link Palm Beach Erosion Control Ordinance

Elements of an Erosion Plan

For residential construction projects in the Palm Beach and surrounding areas it is usrally very Simple. Most plans only have a "rocked" staging area, and "silt fence".

- Rocked Staging Area and Trucking Access

The engineer will denote a staging areas and trucking access on the Erosion plan. For these areas we provide #57 rock to stop the areas getting muddy or dusty. It also stops vehicles getting stuck.

Rocked area for truck access

Rocked area for truck access

Silt Fence

The engineer will also denote the location of the silt fence on the site plan.

The trench method requires a trench to be dug, and the bottom 6 inches of mesh to be folde inwards, then backfilled.

Silt fence