Onsite Septic - Aerobic Treatment Systems

SMC are experienced with Aerobic Treatment Septic Systems on the island in Palm Beach County. We have experience with installation and are certified to run maintenance on installed systems.

We have certified inspectors/installers and maintence workers that have had training on many different brands of aerobic treatment systems as well as Performance Systems

What are Aerobic Treatment Systems?

Aerobic Treatment Systems (aka ATS aka Aerobic Septic Systems) are a small scale sewage treatment system similar to a septic tank system, that uses an Aerobic process to digest sewage rather than the normal Anaerobic process. The secondary effluent is can be sterilized for use as irrigation.
More ATS info on wikipedia

aerobic treatment system image from the EPA

There are two methods of Aeration used in ATS systems. (also a combination of the two)

  1. Fixed Film - A porous media is cycled between waste liquid and air to allow the bacteria to work
  2. CFSGAS Continuous Flow Suspended Growth Aerobic System - Air is pumped through the wastewater to provide oxygen and circulation. (image above)

There can be several stages of processing, not all are required, here is a list of the more common stages of Aerobic treatment processing

  1. Pre-Treatment - remove large solids and undigestable material
  2. Aeration stage - the main stage of aerobic bacteria digestion
  3. Settling - solids settle for periodic removal
  4. Disinfecting stage - UV light or Chemical treatment to sanitize effluent (optional)

Regular septic systems with normal drainfields do not require certified regular maintenance contracts, however in Florida, the department of health has different regulations for "Aerobic" or "Performance" septic systems. SMC are certified for maintenance on Aerobic and Performance treatment systems.

When do you need to have an Aerobic Treatment System for your septic needs?

There are two main reasons that you have to use an Aerobic system.

  1. You are near an ecologically sensitive area or near service water such as a high water table, or canal, you may have to use one of these advanced septic systems. Your General Contractor, or engineer will be aware of local regulations regarding any issues to do with septic system fields and decide which system you need.
  2. You have limited space due to a small available area.

Overall aerobic systems are a cleaner system that takes less space, however the expense is higher, and maintenance contracts are required in Florida. The expense is much higher than a regular septic tank system, and in Florida are only used if required by city regulations.

SMC installs and maintains ATS systems on the Islands of Palm Beach County, and are generally in the following cities. Palm Beach, Hobe Sound, Manalapan, Lantana, Jupiter Island, Juno Beach, Ocean Ridge

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