Temporary Construction Screening / Fencing

For some construction projects the Town of Palm Beach requires a temporary construction screen or fence. This is always required for new construction and demolition. But for some other contructions projects it is not required.

The Town of Palm Beach's requirements vary based on the project

Some of the variables are...

  • The height of the screen - could be 6 feet, could be 16 feet, It depends on the neighboring homes and what is viewable
  • The type of screen - black plastic screening, green screening, vegetation.
  • Which sides of the property must be screened
  • If perimeter vegetation is to remain
  • How long the screen is to remain
  • How the screen is to be anchored
  • How the screen is to be maintained

Screens we install

  • Chain link sections with screen, Or wood posts with screen
  • Green or Black mesh screen, from 6 to 20 feet tall
  • Chain link sections are 6 feet tall
  • For tall screens we use telephone poles as posts.
Temporay construction screen

Temporary Construction Screen