What are Performance Treatment Systems Sewage Treatment - Palm Beach

What are Performance Treatment Systems?

Performance sewage treatment systems are a higher performing Aerobic Treatment System. The drainfield required is even smaller than a standard Aerobic system, and any effluent is cleaner.

The usage and requirements are the same as for an Aerobic system, however performance is better and cleaner.

Installing all types of septic systems is just part of being a site work contractor. SMC Contracting are certified in Palm Beach County with Performance Treatment Systems and are also registered contractors in Palm Beach County.

When is a Performance Treatment System required?

Usually when space is very small, or the area is close to a water source.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a performance treatment system

  • High performance treatment systems have more ongoing maintenance
  • Many cities and counties require a maintenance contract
  • The extra maintenance incurs extra costs
  • Many cities and counties require the system to be certified and inspected
  • An engineer is usually required to specify which system to use