SMC offers shoring installation services, whether it is a temporary measure or permanent.

Some of the reasons for shoring are listed below

Erosion control shoring

Shoring areas that are prone to erosion during heavy rains is common, and can be uesd to direct runoff to the proper catchment or drainage areas

Earth Retention: Stabilizing the Ground

Earth retention systems are critical in preventing soil movement and stabilizing slopes during excavation. Our expertise in earth retention solutions allows us to tackle complex projects with confidence. From soldier pile and lagging to sheet piling and soil nailing, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring the surrounding landscape remains undisturbed and secure.

shoring to stop road cave in
Shoring put in to stop a nearby road from caving in
shoring to stop road cave in

Excavation Safety shoring: A Top Priority

Temporary shoring used for safety during excavation is also common.

Dewatering Shoring: Managing Water Effectively

Water can pose a significant challenge during excavation, it can make excavation impossible and affects soil stability and project timelines. Our dewatering shoring solutions are designed to control groundwater efficiently, using well points, sump pumps, and other dewatering techniques to keep the excavation site dry.

Shoring used in conjunction with dewatering for efficacy and safety
This excavation to install a lift station structure required temporary shoring used in conjuction with dewatering for efficiency and safety

Construction Shoring Methods: Versatile and Reliable

Understanding that each project presents unique challenges, we offer a variety of construction shoring methods. Whether it's for temporary support during building renovations or providing structural stability in new constructions, our team is adept at selecting and implementing the most appropriate shoring technique. From traditional timber shoring to modern hydraulic and pneumatic systems, we customize our approach to meet the project's specific requirements, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.

A pneumatic shoring hammer is used to drive the panel into the ground
A shoring hammer is used to drive the shoring panel into the ground