Residential Earthwork Contractor

At its core, residential earthwork encompasses a range of services designed to prepare your land for construction or landscaping projects. This includes excavation, grading, site preparation, and more. These services are crucial for creating a stable base for any construction, preventing future issues such as water erosion damage or foundation instability.

Key Types of Earthwork Services:

  • Excavation: From digging out foundations to creating spaces for pools, excavation is all about removing soil to shape your land for its new purpose.
  • Grading: This process involves leveling or sloping the ground for drainage and stability, essential for driveways, gardens, and more.
  • Site Preparation: Beyond just moving dirt, site preparation involves clearing vegetation, stabilizing soil, and ensuring the site is ready for construction.
  • Digging for utilites: Usually trenching for underground pipe-work or MEP.
animated excavator digging
Residential Earthwork needs excavators

How Residential Earthwork Differs From Commercial

There are some very obvious and some not so obvious differences between residential earthwork and commercial earthwork.

Commercial earthwork :
  • Scale: Commercial is big, residential is small
  • Requirements: Commercial has much more utility work on a bigger scale
  • Commercial almost always wants a flat lot
  • The scope of requirements is much more varied for residential. For example these things are seldom on commercial jobs:
    • Pool Excavation
    • Driveway work
    • Basement Excavation
    • Hardscape patios, recreation areas
    • Horse stables
    • Pool excavation

Tips on choosing a Residential Earthwork Contractor

  • Choose an earthwork contractor that does not do commercial at all. A residential specialist will have streamlined processes because they complete a higher number of residential jobs per year.
  • Get a local residential earthwork contractor as they are familiar with all the regulations, permits, block out dates, transportation variances for your area. They will also know all the officials personally (inspectors, engineers, permitting staff)
  • Local earthwork contractors will also know the other trades and can get things done faster. (milling paving, concrete, soil testing etc)
  • Choose a contractor with their own hauling trucks for a faster turnaround. If not, sometimes the job can be delayed waiting on trucking or quarries.
  • Choose a contractor that does not have long lead times on materials. Many will have materials in stock, or some do not have processes or contacts to get materials in a timely manner
  • Access or parking can be a big problem on a small residential site. A local company will have an easier time delivering equipment and resources to your site.

SMC is a specialist Residential sitework/earthwork contractor. Our main area is Palm Beach Island, however we do also travel to greater Palm Beach County as well as Martin and St Lucie counties.

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